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      It was 2016 and Straight Hemp founder Devin Alvarez found himself surrounded by opioid addiction. Friends and family alike were afflicted. It was when one of Devin's family members passed due to his addiction that caused movement. Driven by a duty to help, a passion for plant-based healing, and experience in the cannabis industry, Devin founded Straight Hemp and set the mission: improve people's lives through premium, pure hemp-based products

      Devin, a US Air Force Academy graduate, triple majored in Chemistry, Mathematics & Economics from Florida State University then received an MS in Environmental Science and Biotechnology from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

      Devin moved to Colorado to join Agricor Labs as Quality Control Officer for the new and developing marijuana industry. Later he worked to co-develop testing and quality regulations with the State of CO and marijuana producers ensuring the right regulations were being set and products were passing potency, pesticides, heavy metals, bio-contaminants, and residual solvents testing. In 2018, because of the hemp plant’s natural healing properties, Devin shifted his focus to hemp.

      It's now 2020 and Devin's journey to democratize a natural plant-based medicine to replace societal dependencies on pharmaceutical options continues.

      Straight Hemp established itself as a leader in premium and pure hemp-based products. The key 5 tenets to delivering on our mission:

      • Farming Conditions and Practices - chain of custody relationship with our farmers, soils fed with living food and watered with snow melt and protected from cross contamination by mountains.
      • Hand harvest our hemp versus mechanical shearing.
      • Using Horticultural Hemp (also known as Essential Oil Cultivars). Never industrial hemp.
      • The Extraction Method Used - our proprietary methodology.
      • A more effective formula containing detectable THC and other bioactive compounds from Hemp, resulting in a stronger entourage effect.

      Straight Hemp is a company founded with heart and a duty to help. We continue to operate from a place of compassion, activism and innovation. We provide substantial lifelong discounts to Active & retired military, First responders, EducatorsLow income households and Individuals with long term disabilities. We also donate product and monetary support to several non-profit and activism organizations.