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      Straight Hemp starts with the very best feminized, horticultural, and oil-rich (hemp) cultivars, grown in the USA with regenerative organic farming practices - no synthetics, pesticides or imported biomass.




      Feel like yourself, but better

      When a company has control of its own cultivar like we do (called "chain of custody"), the final product is at no risk of contamination, which happens often with companies that source from multiple raw-material providers.

      Our extraction methods capture the essence of our plants, preserving their terpenes for more exquisite taste and optimal benefit. Straight Hemp products take slightly more time to manifest as physically noticeable, but the results are significant.

      In case you haven't noticed, we strongly favor full spectrum products because they include terpenes and a wide variety of cannabinoids, which are naturally produced by hemp. In fact, we don't offer any products without terpenes. That's right, no isolates.

      Our processes control THC levels to ensure they remain within federal mandates for hemp products.

      All other cannabinoids and terpenes are included at levels produced naturally by the plant. Sure, we could separate them all out (the ones we know about) and then mix them back together, but we'd lose some along the way. It would be kind of like offering reconstituted orange juice instead of fresh squeezed. Problem is, just like with orange juice, you can taste the difference.

      Instead, we offer our customers choice. Our products are designed to be used in different ways, which vary the amounts absorbed into your system (bioavailability), and how quickly they act (onset).


      Our Product Lines

      (approx % of total)
      (time after use)
      Inhalation Vape oil 100% Within seconds
      Sublingual (held in mouth) CBD Oil 40% 15-45 minutes
      Ingestion (swallowed) CBD Oil 10-20% Minutes to hours
      Topical (rubbed on skin) CBD Balm 20-30% 15-45 minutes