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      One alarming reality about the hemp industry is that quality control is poor.

      Straight Hemp is committed to the best ingredients that nature has to offer. We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that our products are bio-friendly, safe and effective. Self-imposed rigorous testing ensures we can scientifically verify our purity claims, so you can use our CBD products with confidence.

      At present, we test for the following:

      Potency: We ensure that our cannabinoid and terpene levels are consistent, and that THC levels in our full-spectrum products are below the federal limit (0.3%).

      Efficacy: Potency testing ensures that our products’ efficacy remains consistent from batch to batch.

      Terpenes: We test for known terpenes, to ensure consistency throughout our product lines.

      Solvents: Our extraction processes are super clean. We regularly test for dirty residual solvents like butane and ethyl alcohol to verify that our supply, cleaning, and repair procedures deliver the cleanest and most beneficial product.

      Biocontaminants: We test for yeasts and molds, which are common in many environments. Although our plants are kept “safe” by dry local climates, we don’t stop there: rigorous and regular testing alert us if any new risks arise.

      Pesticides and fungicides: A current lack of standards and regulation may allow (in other CBD products, not ours!) dangerous chemicals to enter the production process. No pesticides or fungicides are used on any of our farms, facilities, or in transport, and we ensure that our products are free of chemicals that might drift in from neighboring farms.

      Heavy metals: We test our soils thoroughly before plant production, during the growth and harvesting, and every delivery thereafter. Download Lab Reports