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      DIY Best CBD Hemp Oil Skincare Routines

      The Best CBD Hemp Oil Self-Care Routines To Get You Ready for the Holiday Season

      The holiday season is here! Regardless of how you, your friends, and your family chooses to celebrate this year, the holidays can be stressful — especially during a persistent global pandemic. This holiday season, return to your better self with a CBD self-care routine. Below are a few to choose from.  Create A CBD Hemp Oil Bath Bomb Pamper your entire central nervous system by starting your skincare routine with a CBD hemp oil bath bomb.   Straight Hemp’s CBD balm helps alleviate muscle inf...

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      CBD & PTSD - Buy Colorado CBD Oil Online

      How CBD Products Help Veterans With PTSD

      November is the month we pay tribute to our veterans as Veteran’s Day falls on November 11th.  In addition to Veteran’s Day, the United States Marine Corps’ birthday is recognized on  November 10th. Some say November is National Military Family Month — and it’s only fitting that we pay tribute to the military and their families. Military support hits close to home for us here at Straight Hemp. Our founder, Devin Alvarez, is a US Air Force Academy graduate.  We understand that veterans often l...

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      What CBD Product Is the Best? Should I Be Using A CBD Vape Pen or CBD Tinctures?

      What CBD Product Is the Best? Should I Be Using A CBD Vape Pen or CBD Tinctures?

      Call us biased, but we believe everyone should be using a premium and quality CBD product to help them achieve balance in their life. But sometimes, different CBD products work better for different people. Here is a quick introduction so you can distinguish between the Straight Hemp CBD vape pens and CBD tincture products. How To Use CBD Vape Pens At Straight Hemp, we created a buttonless and rechargeable CBD vape pen that is thin enough to take with you anywhere you go. We fill this sleek CB...

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      CBD oils, topicals, & products for pets - CBD benefits

      Can the CBD Products I Use Also Be Used For CBD For My Pets?

      “Pets have more love and compassion in them than most humans” - Robert Wagner It’s no wonder that we as pet owners want to give our pets the best life possible and even extend their life expectancy if we can. The legalization of CBD products is a relatively new concept, which is traditionally why there are a series of questions associated with CBD products and more specifically CBD for pets. Primarily, one of the biggest questions we, at Straight Hemp, hear is “can I use my CBD products on my...

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      Cooking with CBD & hemp products - CBD benefits

      Increase Your CBD Benefits: How & Why You Need To Start Adding CBD Products To Your Favorite Foods

      With the relatively new legalization of CBD products throughout the United States, there’s a series of ways consumers are using CBD products, and each CBD usage is associated with a variety of CBD benefits. In particular, when you start adding CBD products into your cooking methods you can start reaping the CBD benefits almost immediately. The Best and Most Effective Ways On How to Start Cooking with CBD Products  Cooking with CBD products is an easy process to start. Regardless of what you’r...

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      CBD Hemp Oil

      A Full Guide: What is CBD Hemp Oil & Straight Hemp?

      According to history, CBD and hemp oil were first created in the 1940s; however, it’s 2020 and still, the CBD/hemp industry is very mysterious to some. CBD hemp oil comes off as a taboo product that always has a ton of questions associated with it, which is great because that’s where we, at Straight Hemp, come in! Here is a full guide explaining the ins and outs of CBD hemp oil and how we create CBD hemp oil products to help people all over the United States. Understanding the CBD Vs. Hemp Ba...

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