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      Subscribe & Save 10% + Free Shipping Every Month

      Straight Hemp's Auto-Ship service is our convenient subscription delivery program. Subscribers receive their favorite Straight Hemp products to their door, on their schedule.

      How it Works

      To subscribe to a product, select the "Subscribe & Save" option on the product page. Then choose the frequency of your subscription – every month, 2 months or 3 months. Your initial order will be processed within one business day of completing your order. Your future shipments will be delivered on the same day the following month.

      You're in Charge

      We make it simple for you to manage your Auto-Ship subscription. All you have to do is login to your account and update your preferences. Within your account, you can:

      Modify your standing order:

      • Change your frequency
      • Adjust your products (add, remove, increase or decrease quantities)

      Pause your standing order:

      • Put your Auto-Ship subscription on "vacation mode"

      Cancel your Auto-Ship subscription:

      • Stop your subscription anytime*, no questions asked

      * When subscribing to Auto-Ship, customers must enroll for a minimum of one subscription shipment (initial order + first subscription shipment).

      Auto-Ship FAQs

      1. Can I apply discounts when I enroll to Auto-Ship or can I apply additional discounts / promotions during my enrollment?

        No. Promotions, discount codes or limited time offerings cannot be combined with Auto-Ship Subscriptions. 

      2. Is there a long term obligation to sign up for?

        No, you have control over how long you'd like to subscribe to Straight Hemp products. The only requirement is that Auto-Ship subscribers must remain enrolled until the first auto-shipment has been received. At that point, you may cancel your subscription. 

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