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      Search for your batch's lab test results

      Our rigorous testing regimen ensures that every production batch meets and exceeds State of Colorado-mandated standards for quality and consistency. All incoming hemp is tested for pesticide residues, heavy metals, biocontaminants, and potency. Fields with exposure (whether due to onsite conditions, surface runoff, airborne drift, or other adjacent effects) never enter our supply chain.

      Products are made in accordance with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), and we operate with transparency across our business. We adhere to standards set by U.S. Hemp Authority and use certified organic ingredients whenever possible.

      Straight Hemp uses independent ISO 17025 certified laboratories located in the U.S. We publish these Certificates of Analysis (COAs) on our website for consumers to easily access and review.

      Locate your lab report

      To view your batch's lab test results, first locate your lot number, either printed directly on the packaging or attached as a sticker to the bottom of the product. An example of lot number you'll find is "A0056", or simply "56". You may enter your lot number in the search box below or find your lot from the complete library below.

      Error: Batch number was not found. Please try again.

      Complete Lab Report Library

      Full Spectrum CBD Balm

      CBD Balm LOT B0046 (most recent batch)

      CBD Balm LOT B0045 (most recent batch)

      CBD Balm LOT B0044 

      CBD Balm LOT B0043

      CBD Balm LOT B0042

      CBD Balm LOT 41

      CBD Balm LOT 40

      CBD Balm LOT 39

      CBD Balm LOT 38

      CBD Balm LOT 37

      CBD Balm LOT 36

      CBD Balm LOT 35

      CBD Balm LOT 34

      CBD Balm LOT 33

      CBD Balm LOT 32

      CBD Balm LOT 31

      CBD Balm LOT 30

      CBD Balm LOT 29

      CBD Balm LOT 28

      CBD Balm LOT 27

      CBD Balm LOT 26

      CBD Balm LOT 25

      CBD Balm LOT 24

      CBD Balm LOT 23

      CBD Balm LOT 22

      CBD Balm LOT 21

      CBD Balm LOT 20

      CBD Balm LOT 19