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      We are committed to giving everyone access to the best that nature has to offer. That doesn't happen by luck. We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that our products are both safe and effective. Thorough testing allows us to verify these objectives are met, and we build in further safeguards before problems or accidents happen. At present, we test for the following:

      POTENCY: This ensures that our cannabinoid and terpene levels are consistent and that THC levels in our full spectrum products are below the federal limit (0.3%).

      TERPENES: We test for known terpenes to ensure consistency throughout our product lines.

      SOLVENTS: Our CO2 extraction processes are clean. We always test for dirty residual solvents such as butane and ethyl alcohol to verify that our supply, cleaning, and repair procedures work as intended.

      BIOCONTAMINANTS: Even though our plants are protected by dry local climates, we test for yeasts and molds, which are common in many environments. After all, it doesn’t hurt to take the extra precautionary measures.

      PESTICIDES/FUNGICIDES/ETC.: A current lack of standards and regulation allow these dangerous chemicals to fly under the radar. They are lipophilic, and hemp extraction concentrates all such compounds. None are used on any of our farms, facilities, or in transport, but we like to ensure that our products are free of any chemicals that might drift in from other farms, whether near or far.

      HEAVY METALS: We test soils at every stage, before contracting fields for production, growing, harvesting, and delivery.