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      Straight Hemp's Full Spectrum CBD Oil is not just for humans; 33% of our pet-owning customers use our CBD oil for their dogs and cats as well.

      If you decide to give your pet CBD, document your pet's experience. Maintain a journal of your dog before and for several days after administering CBD. This will help you decide whether it's having a positive effect. We recommend starting low and slow: low dosage and less frequently at first. 

      Hemp CBD Oil Serving Size for Pets

      Tier 1 (new to CBD) - 0.05 mg x weight (lbs) / twice daily 
      Tier 2 (experienced with CBD) - 0.125 mg x weight (lbs) / twice daily
      Tier 3 (acclimated to CBD) - 0.25 mg x weight (lbs) / twice daily

      Our droppers contain 1.7mg CBD per drop.

      Recommended dosing delivery

      Our customers have asked how to administer CBD to their pet. The easiest way is to put the desired amount of oil on the tip of your finger and touch the product directly to the animal's tongue. That way you can gauge how much they are getting, that they are immediately receiving it.

      Use our serving size calculator to determine how much CBD to give your pet as well as which size bottle is the right size for your pet each month.




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