Straight Hemp makes superior CBD products.
The plants and process make a difference in crafting superior CBD formulas.
To make a better CBD product, the selection of plants and the processes used make all the difference. It all starts with the plants. Lots of hemp used in inferior products is bred and grown for fiber in giant fields, subjected to harsh farming and harvesting conditions, dried in the fields, and mechanically harvested. That works great if you’re trying to make rope or sandals.

It doesn’t work so well to produce a high-quality hemp oil for human consumption. The plants Straight Hemp uses are specially bred and grown in Colorado, Oregon, and Vermont to produce the highest quality oil. Higher quality plants produce higher quality oil which allows us to create a better product. But it’s not just the plants, that’s an important first step, but it is just that, a first step. How you process both the plants and the oil makes a difference as well.
The Process Makes a Difference

To get the highest quality hemp terpenes, Straight Hemp uses a steam-extraction process that takes freshly harvested, single-source hemp plants and pulls the essential oils out while they’re still fresh. This produces higher-quality terpenes and maximizes all the naturally occurring benefits of the hemp plant. Our base hemp oil is processed through CO2 extraction. Where many cheaper CBD products get their hemp oil from an alcohol extraction process, we’ve found that a dual CO2 extraction process has the ability to produce a lighter, more consistent, higher-quality oil that maximizes the retention of the qualities of the original plant. We then blend the hemp oil with our specifically selected mix of essential oil terpenes to maximize its eectiveness. All of the specific hemp terpenes in Straight Hemp’s products come from a single-source farm and processor in Willamette Valley of Oregon.

Hemp Terpenes Make a Difference

The specific terpene blend of a CBD product makes a difference. It is one of the main differentiators between products and can be a significant factor in determining an individual product’s character. Most of our research and development when creating Straight Hemp’s CBD products was focused on getting the right blend of terpenes. If you have questions about a product, a dead giveaway can be the presence of Myrcene, which is often indicative of a good product. If you’re not sure, you can find the terpene levels on the lab report that every reputable supplier is required to have.

Better Plants
Better Process
Better CBD

If you’re looking for a CBD product that meets and exceeds your needs look for Straight Hemp. You won’t find us just anywhere, and certainly not in a shady smoke shop. Click the button below to visit our website.