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      Straight Hemp CBD Blog — Quality CBD Oils

      What CBD Product Is the Best? Should I Be Using A CBD Vape Pen or CBD Tinctures?

      What CBD Product Is the Best? Should I Be Using A CBD Vape Pen or CBD Tinctures?

      Call us biased, but we believe everyone should be using a premium and quality CBD product to help them achieve balance in their life.

      But sometimes, different CBD products work better for different people.

      Here is a quick introduction so you can distinguish between the Straight Hemp CBD vape pens and CBD tincture products.

      How To Use CBD Vape Pens

      At Straight Hemp, we created a buttonless and rechargeable CBD vape pen that is thin enough to take with you anywhere you go.

      We fill this sleek CBD vapor pen with our premium CBD vapor oil. Before users inhale the CBD vapor oil, the oil is in a liquid state. Once the user inhales the CBD vapor oil, the oil is sent to the heating coils and heated to a perfect temperature to transform the CBD vapor oil into smoke.

      When inhaling the CBD vape oil, the CBD vapor is absorbed by the user’s bloodstream, in the process bypassing the liver and digestive system. This provides the person with almost instantaneous relief.

      How To Ingest CBD Tincture Products

      Our Straight Hemp CBD tincture products are created with high-quality premium hemp products that are extracted through a custom process to preserve all the natural holistic qualities that help to provide pain, anxiety, stress, and other relief.

      When customers use CBD tincture products we recommend ingesting them sublingually (under the tongue) as this maximizes the effects by bypassing the liver and digestive tract thereby reaching the bloodstream quicker. Although the effects aren’t as instantaneous as the vapor form, the effects imparted by tincture form last longer.

      Aren’t CBD Vape Pens Bad For You?

      No, CBD Vape pens are not bad for you. 

      However, there have been studies that take note of the harmful effects of some vape pens. These studies point out that vape pens can be harmful when they use additive ingredients and/or faulty devices. 

      At Straight Hemp, we are continuously working to create the highest quality CBD products that help you achieve balance in your life. 

      We believe in staying educated and studying the effects of different forms of CBD products and refuse to add any ingredients or mechanisms that could contribute to creating a CBD vape pen that is bad for your health. We provide a unique quality report for all of our CBD products sold, so you can see the quality that is associated with each individual product.

      Ultimately, to make sure you’re getting a premium CBD vape product, be sure to choose a CBD vape product that does not have any additional additives. Check for its individual quality lab report and research the reviews associated with each product before trying any new CBD product.

      It is by testing and creating premium holistic CBD vape oils and vape products that we are able to create a natural CBD vape pen product that does not have harmful effects.

      CBD Vape Pen Benefits

      Since CBD vapor is instantly launched into your bloodstream, it is the most effective CBD delivery method. 

      Also, we understand the CBD vape pen is more convenient for travel purposes. Our Straight Hemp CBD vape pen is designed to comfortably and discreetly fit into your pocket, so you do not have to worry about carrying a large round bottle around with you that is more likely to leak while you’re on the go.

      CBD Tincture Product Benefits

      CBD tincture oil effects typically last longer than the CBD vape benefits.

      By absorbing the Straight Hemp CBD tincture sublingually, the oil is absorbed into the bloodstream where it stays in the body longer than the vapor does, which allows users to experience effects longer than the vapor.

      Also, there are more ways to ingest CBD when taking it in the tincture format. CBD tincture can be added to different drinks, foods, creams, and more to maximize the benefits associated with the CBD product.

      What CBD Product Is Best For Me?

      There is really no right or wrong answer to this. 

      Simply look at your lifestyle and see what works best for you. 

      In addition, keep in mind if you’re noticing you’ve plateaued with a CBD product (you’re not getting any relief anymore), it could be time to switch up products. Changing from a CBD tincture product to a CBD vape product could be the answer for you,. However, if you don’t particularly like inhaling things stick with a CBD tincture product.

      Ultimately, feel free to try both options out. Just make sure, regardless of what type of CBD product you pick, that you’re getting a premium, natural-quality CBD product.

      Shop our CBD products today!

      The Best CBD Products To Keep For Yourself As a Treat This Halloween

      Best CBD Products - CBD Hemp Oil

      Spooky season is upon us, which means haunted houses, costume parties, trick or treating, and all the other spooky festivities are here, too!

      If you’re like us we love a good treat — especially when that treat is an amazing CBD product.

      Here are a few of what we believe are the best CBD products that you should keep as your Halloween treats this season.

      The Best CBD Oil For Relaxing

      Our full-spectrum CBD hemp oil is one of the best CBD oil products available for almost instant relaxation. 

      Our CBD hemp oil is a full spectrum hemp oil meaning we keep as many of the nutrients from the hemp plant as possible when the oil is created. This allows us to encapsulate all of the phytochemicals from the hemp plant to provide all of our customers with the maximum relaxation effects. 

      Also, our CBD hemp oil products are combined with a cold press hemp oil to help maximize the relaxation and other health benefits derived from each hemp plant. 

      Other CBD products available on the market use a variety of other techniques to create their CBD products; however, we find by sustaining the natural form of the hemp plant we are able to create the best CBD oil for relaxing and getting back to your normal self.

      The Best CBD Balm For Pain Relief

      Our CBD topical balm is the best CBD balm product for joint or muscle pain relief. This product is similar to our CBD oil product in that we use the same natural extraction process to maximize the relief effects from this CBD product -- but we don’t stop there. 

      This is the only CBD product we have that uses other ingredients in addition to hemp. 

      In fact, in this CBD product, you will find coconut oil, hemp seed oil, olive oil, peppermint, basil, lemongrass, and many other organic and natural products that all work together to create maximum relief.

      The Best CBD Vape Pen for Reducing Anxiety and Stress

      Traditionally, customers who try our CBD vape pen product notice immediate results from the first few inhalations. The instant relief is what makes this the best CBD product for reducing anxiety and stress. 

      Our buttonless and rechargeable CBD vape pens are responsible for making this CBD product one of the best. The heating coils used in this vape heat the vape oil just enough to transform it into the effective vapor smoke you’ll see when you exhale. This vapor enters your body, bypasses the liver, and immediately enters the bloodstream, which helps provide almost immediate anxiety and stress relief.

      The CBD vape oil used in our Straight Hemp vape pen is created from the same natural and holistic process as any of our other CBD products. Other CBD vape pens will use a mixture of ingredients to transform the flavor and overall experience. However, we find by keeping the CBD vape oil and our other CBD products in their natural state we’re able to reap the benefits hemp plants have to offer.

      What CBD Product Are You Trying?

      In summary, we find that by keeping the integrity of the hemp plants we are able to provide maximum relief to everyone who uses our products, which helps keep our CBD products as some of the best CBD products available on the market. 

      Don’t just take our word for it. Try them out yourself.

      Our CBD products were created with you in mind. We live to help you get back to feeling like yourself.

      What CBD products are you ordering as your Halloween treat this year?

      Order your favorite CBD products today, and get back to feeling like yourself.

      Explaining Full Spectrum CBD Oil Vs. CBD Isolate — From a Colorado Hemp CBD Company

      Explaining Full Spectrum CBD Oil Vs. CBD Isolate — From a Colorado Hemp CBD Company

      Have you seen the term “full-spectrum” floating around on various CBD products? 

      One of the main questions we hear from our consumers is: 

      What is the difference in “full-spectrum CBD oil” and “broad or isolated spectrum CBD oil?”

      What Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Mean?

      When a full-spectrum CBD oil is born, it simply means that the entire plant was extracted during the creation process of that CBD product. 

      Using the entire hemp plant allows these CBD products to include all the phytochemicals that come from the hemp plant. This means that all the components that are created from the hemp plant naturally, all the cannabidiol, THC, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. are all added to the new full-spectrum CBD oil.

      By encapsulating all of the phytochemicals from the hemp plant these CBD oils can provide the strongest health effects from any other CBD product possible. The compounds extracted from the hemp plant work simultaneously with the cannabinoid to create the entourage effect. 

      What is the Entourage Effect?

      We could talk all day about the “entourage effect,” but simply this is a synergistic effect that enhances the medical benefits of a CBD product. Preclinical research has shown that “full-spectrum CBD rich cannabis oil is more effective at lower doses and has a wider therapeutic window than isolate spectrum CBD oils.” 

      Learn more about the entourage effect. 

      What Does CBD Isolate Mean?

      CBD Isolate is the act of pulling CBD from the hemp plant and separating all the other ingredients. For example, CBD isolate oils have had the majority of the THC removed. Some people like these products because they believe it will be easier to pass a drug test. 

      In short, CBD isolate is pure CBD; however, these products do not contain the meaningful terpenes, flavonoids, and other natural ingredients that full-spectrum CBD oils contain. These products also are not able to produce Entourage Effects.

      Traditionally, CBD isolate oils are cheaper than full-spectrum CBD oil products.

      Do Full-Spectrum or CBD Isolate Make For Better CBD Oils?

      There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. 

      As a Colorado hemp CBD company that prides itself on producing the highest quality CBD products available on the market, we believe that our consumers receive the most benefit from our full-spectrum CBD oils. When we make our hemp CBD products, we believe in preserving the integrity of the hemp plant while producing the best results for our consumers as possible.

      Have you tried any of our, Straight Hemp Colorado full-spectrum CBD oils? 

      Check out a full list of our full-spectrum CBD oils today!