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      Straight Hemp CBD Blog — CBD for pets

      Can the CBD Products I Use Also Be Used For CBD For My Pets?

      CBD oils, topicals, & products for pets - CBD benefits

      “Pets have more love and compassion in them than most humans” - Robert Wagner

      It’s no wonder that we as pet owners want to give our pets the best life possible and even extend their life expectancy if we can.

      The legalization of CBD products is a relatively new concept, which is traditionally why there are a series of questions associated with CBD products and more specifically CBD for pets.

      Primarily, one of the biggest questions we, at Straight Hemp, hear is “can I use my CBD products on my pets?” 

      In short, the answer is yes. But we’re going to break it down for you, so you feel more comfortable implementing any CBD product into your pets’ routine.

      CBD Products Overview

      Originally, CBD products were legalized in Colorado in 2014, and in 2018 the Farm Bill was passed to legalize CBD in all 50 states. 

      Since the legalization of CBD products, people have noticed that CBD has enhanced their lifestyle and their overall health, so much that many started proposing could these products be used to enhance our pets overall health? 

      Studies started being conducted to study just this. 

      In fact, in 2018, Cornell University conducted and published its Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Clinical Efficacy of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs study. The results were monumental in the usage of CBD products and animals. Ultimately, the final results showed that dogs suffering from osteoarthritis (a common canine orthopedic condition) reduced pain and improved overall physical activity. 

      There are a number of other studies continuously being conducted and released to showcase the effects CBD products have on pets, but there are also a number of real-life pet parents that are sharing their CBD for pets' experiences online.

      Sharon Sampson, an African Grey bird mom, stated: 

      “My African Grey bird had bare spots on her body. I rubbed hemp oil directly on the bald areas and she has had such a change in overall health.” 

      Overall, there are many testimonies that showcase how using CBD products help increase your pet's overall livelihood, but why?

      The Science Behind CBD Products

      Every animal, including humans, that has a spinal cord has an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Over the years, studies have shown that when combining the Cannabis sativa L. plant species with animals ECS animals have experienced sensations associated with relaxation, hunger, sleeping, and more. 

      The reason for this is because the ECS has a set of activators and receptors that affect animals’ nervous systems, and animals will get a different response depending on which receptors the plant attaches to. Once the plant is ingested a series of cannabinoids will run through the ECS, and depending on which receptors they attach to will determine the sensations the animal feels. 

      Robert J. Silver, a veterinary herbalist based in Boulder, Colorado, explains “receptors are like locks, and cannabinoids are like keys. They fit together perfectly, and once the cannabinoid connects with the receptors it turns the lock and releases the cannabinoid effects.”

      If you ask your veterinarian “is CBD for my pet something I should start implementing?” they probably won’t comment on it because there’s not enough generalized science to support it — each pet experiences the effects differently, and since CBD products are relatively new in our society, most veterinarian professionals won’t give definitive answers on what’s best.

      What’s the Difference Between The CBD Products I Use & The CBD for Pets Products

      As we mentioned before, there are many new CBD products introduced to the market within the last five years. 

      Many companies have started creating “CBD for pets” as a marketing tool. A lot of these products have different flavors, are made into various treats, and more. 

      However, you (as a pet owner) can give your CBD products to your pets, but you should be aware of quality control, dosage, and other side effects that could affect your pet. 

      For example, if you’re using a CBD product that has a higher dosage of THC (technically it wouldn’t be CBD) but it could be harmful to your pet as THC is toxic in dogs and cats. 

      Our oils, topicals, and all of our products at Straight Hemp are tested and tested again to provide you with the most premium CBD product possible, so we know that when you buy any CBD product from us, at Straight Hemp, you won’t have to worry about giving your pet additional THC. 

      If you’re unsure how much CBD you should give your pet don’t worry. We have a pet calculator that will tell you the exact amount to give your pet.

      Have you tried any of the Straight Hemp products with your pets? Let us know!