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"I’ve been using the oil for a little over a week now, It has literally turned my frown upside down. As I said earlier I have panic attacks and night terrors. The CBD Oil I ordered from Straight hemp has cured my panic attacks."


Oakdale, Minnesota

"This is an excellent product – good taste…and highly effective."


Toronto, Canada

"I use the full spectrum hemp oil daily, for chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, and appetite stimulation. It helps a lot, and it tastes very good. This is easily my favorite, and most effective of several CBD oils I tried. This stuff is excellent."


Denver CO

"CBD salve is my go to for aches and pains as a trail runner. This salve is great for easing discomfort and helping reduce inflammation in specific areas of the body."

Antonio DeRose

Denver, Colorado

HempSHARE CBD Subscription

20% Off Retail, Monthly Payments & Delivery, No Hassle , Just Hemp

HempSHARE CBD Subscription

20% Off Retail, Monthly Payments & Delivery, No Hassle , Just Hemp

The Straight Hemp Family of Products

We started with one batch of full spectrum hemp extract and blended it with cold pressed organic hemp seed oil. After selling out in a few days, it was clear we needed to expand our offerings to meet the growing needs of humans and pets looking to be healed by healthy hemp oil.

We first expanded our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil into four sizes 15 ml, 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml to serve all of our unique customers’ needs. Each bottle carries the same analeptic recipe of 100% hemp oil and high concentrations of CBD at 1.7mg CBD per drop.

We then created our Healing Hemp Salve offered in two sizes 1 oz and 2 oz. An immediate crowd pleaser for it’s quick pain relieving properties and aromatic quality.

Straight Hemp Terpsolate was the next member added to our family of products. Our Terpsolate is made from combining CBD isolate with native hemp terpenes. This unique product is full of aromatic qualities and can be used to fill a vape pen or dabbing device. Instead of settling for CBD isolates alone try Straight Hemp broad spectrum Terpsolate for an experience like no other.

Our product lines are expanding and growing so that we can share the hemp oil benefits with all! We are dedicated to making products that include all the hemp oil uses and something for everyone including hemp oil for dogs. Think more CBD tinctures, CBD pills , CBD isolates, and CBD creams to come. Keep an eye out for dog specific products and terpenes for sale in the near future!

Hemp Terpsolate

From $10.00

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
5.0 (4 reviews)

Heal and restore with Straight Hemp Terpsolate, a therapeutic grade hemp concentrate rich in CBD and native hemp terpenes.Terpsolate can be eaten, dabed or filled in a vape pen for natural citrus terpene flavors and quick acting experience. Step up the wellness and feel the flavor of life with Straight Hemp Terpsolate.

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  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Vapable and edible CBD concentrate combined with native hemp terpenes (fragrance oils) for acute relief.

  • TYPE: Inhalation, Edible.

  • CONSUMER NEED: Edible or inhalation for preventative wellness or specific relief.

  • CONSUMER USE: Vape, smoke, dab, eat alone or dissolve in food or liquid.

  • CBD CONTENT/SIZE: 970mg / 1g

  • INGREDIENTS: 100% Hemp: 97% CBD, 2% Terpenes, 1% Trace Other Cannabinoids

  • KEY FEATURES: Terpsolate is produced using cGMP processes, small batch to batch quality control testing and USDA certified organic practices. Our Terpsolate is broad spectrum CO2 extracted CBD crystals with native hemp terpenes for maximum Entourage Effect. Grown, processed, and packaged in Colorado.  

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Certificate of Analysis

4 reviews for Hemp Terpsolate

  1. Victor John

    This terpsolate is impressive, the color is splendid, and the flavor is so clean. A small dab or 2 is great for headaches, or just to knock down stress in the evening.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Heather DeRose

    I have epilepsy and am a trail runner. I use hemp products to maintain my overall health and wellness, and to aid in recovery from training. I’ve had the opportunity to use Straight Hemp’s Hemp Terpsolate for several weeks. The refreshing citrus terpenes make the concentrate so flavorful! I love that you can eat, dab or use it in a vape pen. It makes adding more CBD for health a pleasant experience!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Antonio DeRose

    As an athlete, high doses of CBD are great for reducing inflammation. Straight Hemp’s terpsolate is smooth, has a great taste, and delivers a potent dosage of isolated CBD.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’m using this as a salve. The results, so far, are very impressive. I’ve had a skin condition known as A topic dermatitis since childhood. Nothing effects this outside of topical steroids. Well to my surprise, this does. Very impressed to say the least.

    • admin

      So HAPPY to her this! Thank you for sharing, much love and healing from the Straight Hemp Team!

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