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Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil | 1000mg


5.0 (3 reviews)

Relieve, restore and regenerate with Straight Hemp Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, made of full spectrum hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil. Our CBD oil contains the full array of cannabinoids and terpenes giving you the full spectrum of wellness intended by nature.


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  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Edible CBC rich full spectrum hemp oil for relief and regeneration.

  • TYPE: Oral Administration, Sublingual and/or Edible.

  • CONSUMER NEED: Ingestion for preventative wellness or specific relief.

  • CONSUMER USE: Easy to use dropper bottle for oral administration.

  • CBD CONTENT/SIZE: 500mg / 15 ml, 1000mg / 30ml, 2000 mg / 60ml, 4000mg / 120ml

  • INGREDIENTS: 100% Hemp: Cold pressed certified organic hemp seed oil and CO2 extracted full spectrum hemp (CBD)

  • KEY FEATURES:  FSO is produced using cGMP processes, small batch to batch quality control testing and USDA certified organic practices. FSO is CO2 extracted hemp oil which retains native hemp terpenes (fragrance oils), CBD, minor cannabinoids and less than 0.3% THC for maximum Entourage Effect. Our FSO is only combined with cold pressed hemp seed oil making it 100% hemp. Grown, processed, and packaged in Colorado.


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3 reviews for Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil | 1000mg

  1. banditx777

    Great product and it works wonders! I’ve had shoulder problems, which leads to neck pain, which leads to intense headaches that last for days sometimes, but a month with this and I had almost no more pain unless I overworked myself because of my new found pain free body. Thank you for making such an amazing product that really works and helps.

  2. Randall

    Awesome stuff! I’ve been taking it (didn’t know it needed to be sublingual until I got on this site) and it has worked for anxiety! One benefit that I got from it was it cleared some moles from my skin! That was totally unexpected and unbelievable! I recommend this product.

  3. Amy

    This CBD Oil is excellent! My son has ADHD and Autism and it has helped him tremendously. He is more focused in school, he sleeps better. It has also reduced my depression greatly to where I don’t need medications any longer.

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