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Nurvana Vape Set – Cartridge + Pen

From: $79.98

5.0 (8 reviews)

Therapeutic grade hemp essential oil vape cartridge with CBD & native hemp terpenes for acute relief.



  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: CO2 extracted CBD and native hemp terpenes for acute relief. 100% hemp!

  • COMPONENTS: Nurvana Vape Set includes Nurvana Inhaler Cartridge + 510 Thread Vape Battery & Charger. Inhaler Cartridge can be purchased in 250mg or 500mg. Vape Battery & Charger can be purchased in Classic Black or Rainbow.

  • TYPE: Inhalation.

  • CONSUMER NEED: Inhalation for specific relief.


  • INGREDIENTS: 100% Hemp: 50% CBD, 50% Terpenes

  • CBD CONTENT/SIZE: 250 mg CBD / 500mg Total Extract , 500mg CBD / 1000mg Total Extract 

  • KEY FEATURES: Straight Hemp Broad Spectrum Vape cartridges contain zero THC. Cartridges are only flavored with native hemp terpenes for an herbal and floral vape experience. The buttonless battery stylus has a dependable ceramic atomizer and is a 510 thread that works seamlessly with the BSV cartridges. BSV is produced using cGMP processes, small batch to batch quality control testing and USDA certified organic practices. Broad spectrum CO2 extracted hemp with native hemp terpenes for maximum Entourage Effect. Grown, processed, and packaged in Colorado.

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8 reviews for Nurvana Vape Set – Cartridge + Pen

  1. Pamelia Designs

    Straight Hemp is not the first CBD product I’ve used, but it will be the last.
    I’ve used 4 other CBD products and the thing I like best about Straight Hemp is “no additives”
    It literally changed my life. For me it relieves joint pain, anxiety, insomnia and helps me focus on whatever I’m doing.
    Wish there were more stars to rate this wonderful product.
    Thank you Straight Hemp!

  2. Pamelia Designs

    After using the CBD oil for a few months, I decided to try Straight Hemp Vape.
    Because I was using the 1000mg oil, I chose the same vape and it is wonderful.
    It is so easy to use and the effects were immediate!
    I really love it! For me what works is a few drops of the oil before bed and then during the day, a few vapes.
    It doesn’t take much and makes me feel wonderful, relieves joint pain, anxiety, and keeps me focused on what I’m doing.
    Thank you Straight Hemp. I’m a customer for life.
    Pamelia : )

  3. mister_dmac

    I use the vape cartridges in combination with the salve and the oil. It is mellow, tastes great, and brings immediate relief and relaxation. There is no high, just instant good energy. I find it helps with anxiety, muscle tightness, and sleep. I believe it works in harmony with the other products and that’s why I use them all. I have used CBD to recover from surgery and I have also had several areas of melanoma removed in the past, but have now had clear skin checks for years. I trust Straight Hemp to be the best quality and value and it is my go-to treatment for a lot of different issues. Thank you!

  4. Jason

    Excellent product! Provides fast relief! and terpenes help the “ Entourage“ effect takeover nicely. Great quality in this product for sure!

  5. Zach (verified owner)

    Nurvana Vape is truly a wonderful product. One to two inhalations was all I needed to feel relief within a few moments. The vaporizer works well and the vapor it produces has a pleasant odor that I feel is okay for using inside my home. Job well done!

  6. Christie

    This is the best quality oil I have found. I highly recommend.

  7. Sherri Moody

    Very calming. I will purchase these again.

  8. Paul

    This brand is my favorite by far I’ve tried them all and straight hemp is the best. Taste better and natural had the best effects as well.

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