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Straight Hemp Story

Straight Hemp is on a mission to heal the world with the power of nature. We make wellness products with naturally occurring CBD-rich hemp extract for the body and mind.

Straight Hemp is on a mission to heal the world with the power of nature. We make wellness products with naturally occurring CBD-rich hemp extract for the body and mind.

Why Straight Hemp?


Straight Hemp is grown naturally in Colorado with snowmelt and natural sun. We’re farmers working together to regenerate an American Agrarian Economy by using sustainable farming practices. All our products are proudly made in the USA.


All Straight Hemp products contain the spectrum of wellness intended by nature, meaning there’s much more than just CBD. All products contain naturally occurring terpenes and other trace cannabinoids to achieve maximum benefits for body and mind. 


We’ve standardized our products to the actual CBD content so you have the most control and know what you’re getting. We use state-of-the art, terpene-preserving, subcritical CO2 extraction methods to produce the highest quality hemp extract. Every batch is tested for quality and potency by a certified third party lab. Quality assurance and standard dosing is how we guarantee you quality and consistency. 


Every purchase you make helps someone in need. Established as a social enterprise, we give back to the community through our Oil for All Wellness Sponsorship which provides CBD to those in need.

The Straight Hemp Family of Products

We started with one batch of full spectrum hemp extract and blended it with cold pressed organic hemp seed oil. After selling out in a few days, it was clear we needed to expand our offerings to meet the growing needs of humans and pets looking to be healed by healthy hemp oil.

We first expanded our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil into four sizes 15 ml, 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml to serve all of our unique customers’ needs. Each bottle carries the same analeptic recipe of 100% hemp oil and high concentrations of CBD at 1.7mg CBD per drop.

We then created our Healing Hemp Salve offered in two sizes 1 oz and 2 oz. It was an immediate crowd pleaser because of its diverse usage, soothing  properties and aromatic delight.

Straight Hemp Terpsolate was the next member added to our family of products. Our Terpsolate is made from combining CBD isolate with native hemp terpenes. This unique product is full of aromatic qualities and can be used to fill a vape pen or dabbing device. Instead of settling for CBD isolates alone try Straight Hemp broad spectrum Terpsolate for an experience like no other.

Our product lines are expanding and growing so that we can share the hemp oil benefits with all! We are dedicated to making products that include all the hemp oil uses and something for everyone including hemp oil for dogs. Think more CBD tinctures, CBD pills, CBD isolates, and CBD creams to come. Keep an eye out for dog specific products and terpenes for sale in the near future!

Mission Statement:

Help heal the world by realizing the potential of hemp to drive economic and environmental abundance for the benefit of all.


Start with wellness to win the hearts and minds of the people and lay the foundation for global cultivation and distribution of hemp, essential oils and industrial products.